Goodbye August


I can’t believe August flew by so quickly! I feel like I say that about every month but this month is no joke! It’s September guys! Crazy! Yesterday I went into TJMaxx and there were fall decorations everywhere! If you know me you know my favorite season of the year is fall! I love everything about it: the crisp air, the changing colors, all the amazing holidays (including my fav Thanksgiving), my birthday, pumpkin and apple spiced everything! I could go on! But let’s not forget at the beginning of the month of August I set some goals for myself! Let’s see how we did shall we?

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What’s Your Purpose?

So this week I was reminded of how far I’ve come and how far I have to go all at the same time. It’s really interesting to see how other people live and compare it to how you live your own life.

I remember when I was younger being literally a hot mess. My days would consist of waking up, smoking pot (not saying there’s anything wrong with this I just don’t do it regularly anymore), ordering delivery (the delivery person knew me so well that she would bring treats for my dog), then getting ready for work, working 8-12 hours, then staying after work for another 2 hours getting shitfaced, passing out, repeat. I looked like this:


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What is up friends?!  This morning I weighed in and I was down 6.2 lbs. *Follow me on Snapchat (ToughNads) to keep up in real time* Needless to say I am very excited! Results is usually all it takes for me to keep going so I am on cloud nine! I can’t wait to see what the next 11 weeks has in store for me.


Check out the Beachbody website if you’re interested in trying TurboFire. I am not a Beachbody coach or trying to sell you on anything. I just know I had great results the first time I did it and I know it works if you stay consistent! Also Chalene Johnson is amazing and keeps you so motivated! “You’re not tired!”

I’m going to go enjoy my dessert and hit the hay! I have more goals to crush but I can cross one of my August goals off the list (lose 5 lbs) and for that I’m happy!




Sunday Funday

Sunday is most definitely my favorite day of the week. When it’s football season I watch football all day long. When my favorite shows are in season I’m watching The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. I usually do laundry and relax. It’s just a great day to recharge and prepare for the week ahead.

I also like to reflect on the week I just had! This week was pretty awesome all around. I completed week one of TurboFire. I’m doing the program for the second time. I’ve been in a rut lately and haven’t been motivated to go to the gym and lift. TurboFire allows me to burn calories from the comfort of my living room. I’m weighing in tomorrow and excited to see what the first week results are. Last Monday I almost passed out after I weighed in at 179. My highest weight in 4 years! But keep calm! There’s no damage that can’t be undone! Continue reading

August Goals

So one thing I learned from the book Push by Chalene Johnson was that most successful people make lists. She makes daily lists and I’m working on consistently making lists myself so I can stay focused and on track.

At the beginning of the year I made a list of goals for 2016. I look at it every Sunday to remind myself what I’m working towards. So far I’ve accomplished more than half of what I set out to do this year.

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Holy Moly!

It’s like I forgot I started this blog! Lol! Soooo there’s a lot to update you on! Where do I start? So we’re moving to Cancun, Mexico!!! *wait what?!* Yes it’s true… Ok let me back up.


So obviously my husband cannot come back to the states since he was deported in 2014 and there’s a 10 year ban that comes along with that. Womp! So since then we’ve been trying to figure out how to get back to each other and live happily ever after. For a hot second I was like ‘I’ll just move to Africa’ and then I snapped out of it and we realized that’s not what we really wanted. Then we started looking at other locations and we decided we wanted someplace warm, with good culture, Spanish speaking (my husband speaks 10 languages fluently) and where we can find work. Continue reading