Pantene Gold Series Review

I received some products complimentary from Influenster and Pantene to review! They came just in time because your girl was in need of a wash! LOL.



I was sent the Pantene Gold Series Moisture Boost Shampoo and Conditioner and the Hydrating Butter Créme.


Let’s start with the shampoo. First off, the smell is amazing. If you like a fruity almost candy-like smell then this is the product for you. It actually smells like something else that I recognize but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It lathers up very well even though it contains no parabens. It only took a few pumps to wash my hair and I have a lot of hair! It left my hair feeling very soft even before I applied the conditioner. I will definitely purchase this shampoo again because I love the smell and it left my hair feeling really clean.

Next up, the conditioner. Like the shampoo, this conditioner smells delicious. It has the same fruity smell which I love. It was also thick in consistency which is great because I have thick locs and sometimes it’s difficult to find a conditioner that will penetrate and actually work on my hair. I can’t speak to how well it detangles because I have locs and I don’t detangle my hair. It did leave my hair super soft and it felt amazing after I rinsed it out. I would definitely use this conditioner again because of the smell and of the thick consistency which works well with my thick hair.

Lastly, the hydrating butter créme. This butter creme smells amazing like the other products in this line. It is of a thick consistency but unfortunately, when I applied it to my locs it kind of just sat on top of them as opposed to being absorbed into my hair. So for that reason, I probably wouldn’t purchase this product again because I have other products that are intended to do the same thing but are actually absorbed into my hair. Normally, I love thick products but in this instance it almost backfired. My locs also didn’t feel any more moisturized than usual. Perhaps this product works better for someone who has a different texture but for me, it was a miss. My hair looked great however after using the entire line: shampoo, conditioner, and butter creme.


Overall I was really pleased with the products and I would definitely purchase the shampoo and conditioner again. It’s also nice to see a mainstream company like Pantene cater to women of color and women with natural hair. If you’re in the market for some new haircare products you should definitely give the Pantene Gold Series a try!