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Welcome to my website! Thanks for taking time out of your day to check me out! My name is Nadia Exama-Mwamuye. I’m a 32 year old fitness advocate from Boston, MA. In 2011 after years of struggling with my weight I made the decision to stick with something for more than a few weeks. I started the Turbofire program from Chalene Johnson and lost 30 lbs working out in my bedroom. The fitness bug bit me for good and I’ve been on a journey of health and wellness ever since. I’m a Transformation Ambassador for Prosupps, LLC after winning the first ever Vanish Transformation contest the summer of 2013.  In November 2013 I participated in my first bodybuilding competition to celebrate my 30th birthday. I’m currently working towards certification in personal training so that I can pay it forward and help others reach their health and fitness goals. I believe in a balanced approach to dieting and exercise. If you’d like help turning your life around and being healthy please feel free to email me at [nadia dot exama at gmail dot com]. Also make sure to follow me on social media:




Thanks for checking me out!



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