Full Speed Ahead

Currently watching my favorite sport, football, and thinking about the future! Last week was a great week! I had dinner with the bestie, Claire, and we celebrated her birthday in style at Cuchi Cuchi, one of my favorite restaurants in the city. If you live in the Boston area it’s a must try. International small plates, amazing cocktails and a fantastic ambience. I was in heaven! Whenever I go to a top notch restaurant/bar my passion for hospitality and dreams of owning my own bar come rushing to the forefront. Someday, someday.


Claire also asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year and of course I said yes!!! Cannot wait to celebrate her and Brandon’s nuptials! To be  a part of it is even better! Claire and I go back to our days together at Tufts and in our a cappella group Essence! I love her like a sister and I am so happy for her! October 2018 can’t come soon enough for her I’m sure! 😉


This past week I also started weekly runs! I ran last Sunday and I ran again yesterday. It gets easier each time! Running weekly was one of my goals for the month of September and I’m glad I’m staying on track. Yesterday I spent the day at my parents’ house and I was definitely tired and not excited about going for a run but I took some preworkout, put on that Spotify/Runkeeper and got to work! It was a great run and perfect weather. It was my first night run as well. I may do another night run next week!

Today was my weigh in day! I didn’t lose any weight but I didn’t gain! I did go out as I mentioned earlier in the week and had some delicious Haitian food at my parents’ house this weekend. We shall see what happens next week but I’m really happy with my progress so far and can’t wait to find an amazing gym in Cancun to get shredded in!

Colin Kaepernick and his protest is giving me life right now on MNF though so I’m gonna go watch the game and enjoy my dinner! Let’s have a great week!



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