I love a good transformation! My own transformation led me to the honor of being the first Prosupps Transformation Ambassador ever! Have you recently made a transformation for the better? Getting healthy and taking control of your life is something to be celebrated! If you’ve got a transformation to share send an email to [nadia dot exama at gmail dot com] with your story. Be sure to include a before and after picture, timeframe between pictures and how much weight you’ve lost. Each week I’ll share a story of triumph with my readers! Together we can motivate and inspire others to be their best self!


My name is Val and I started my transformation two and a half years ago. That picture on the left is from my 30th birthday party and I cried when I saw it. How did I get to 280lbs wearing a size 20/22?

I was pretty fit in high school and college as a cheerleader. Then laziness and getting comfortable set in. So I decided to do something about it. I had started and stopped fad diets for years. But this time I wasn’t going that route. I simply decided to eat better, track my food, watch my portions and consistently work out 5-6x a week.

For over a year I did really well. Then I went on a cruise and got lazy again. I stopped tracking, barely worked out and really had no drive. I gained back 30lbs in 3 months. I was crushed. I worked so hard for the last year just to ruin it. So I picked myself up again and started again.

I fell in love with lifting weights. I got a trainer to stay on me with lifting, continued my cardio and started logging my food again and watching my portions. Slowly the 40lbs melted away and I was back to feeling great.

These pictures are two and a half years apart. 280lbs to 195lbs and I’m still going. My goal is to compete in the near future starting in bikini and then moving up to figure.


To follow Val’s journey like her Facebook page Fab Chick Gets Fit


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