Nestle Splash

So if you’ve been following me you know that I am a flexible dieter, meaning I count my macros/calories and I don’t restrict my eating! It’s a great way of maintaining, losing, or gaining weight! It all comes down to science. If you want to know more about IIFYM as those in the fitness circle refer to it check out for a free macro calculator and everything you could possibly want to know about tracking your macros!


I am currently cutting weight which means I’m trying to lose weight. One of the keys to losing weight is making sure you drink enough water! I drink about a gallon a day and sometimes it’s hard to get in when it’s just plain ol’ water. That’s why I usually love drinking flavored sparkling water and the occasional diet soda! There are a ton of options in terms of flavor, they taste better than just boring water and they fill you up so you’re likely to eat less!

Influenster recently sent me this free bottle of Nestle Splash flavored still water to try. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty skeptical because I don’t love flavored still water. I prefer the bubbles! Also a lot of flavored waters tend to have a weird after taste so I’m a little picky!

Well I was pleasantly surprised. I received the wild berry flavor and it was great! It tasted like a fruit punch. It’s 0 calories, has no after taste and contains no juice! I’m definitely going to add this to my macro friendly drink options! I’m happy I tried it and I just wanted to let you guys know they’re pretty good so you should grab one and try it for yourself next time you’re at the grocery store. And no I’m not being paid to review this, just wanted to share a good find! If you try one out let me know what you think!


Disclaimer: I received the Nestle Splash flavored water from Influenster for free. This review is my personal opinion.

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