What up world?! So when I started this blog I told myself that I would write an entry a day. That was ambitious I know. I don’t know, I thought that I would have stuff to talk about, and also I thought that’s what bloggers do. But life happens and I haven’t written an entry in weeks. So update on what’s going on in my life:

3 months ago I quit my job as a bartender and took a job as a brand ambassador at a startup in my hometown of Boston. I told myself I was leaving the hospitality industry forever and switching career paths and was going to become a “professional” whatever the hell that is. I tried it, and actually I think I did a pretty good job but the longer I was in my position the more I realized that I was not meant to be in an “office” environment. I had convinced myself that this wasn’t going to be like the other times I’d tried to become a professional because the startup would be more laid back, we have a coffee bar in our space for crying out loud, but alas I was wrong. I do not handle micromanaging well and there are a lot of personalities at play in an office environment. Not to say that there aren’t a lot of personalities in the restaurant/bar industry but those ones are more predictable and manageable in my opinion. You have the people who are just doing it because they’re not qualified to do anything else, you have the people who are artsy or entrepreneurs and are trying to earn extra income on the side while they pursue their passion of becoming a musician or a business owner, and then there are the people who truly love helping people and are passionate about their job… I think I fall somewhere in between the latter two. Point being it’s been 3 months of giving this new gig a try and it’s not working out. I’m old enough and wise enough to know when it’s time to abandon ship and the time has come for me. I’ve accepted a position as a bartender at a successful Boston area restaurant and will be back in my element. I think that this experiment will be the last and that I know where my strengths lie. Continue reading